Monday, September 18, 2017

The bike race

On the 5 September in 2017, Hobble Fracis big chap wakes up in his rubbish bin at McDonald's he remembered that he had his big race he got up and put on his XXXXXXXXXXL Kim Jong Un shorts. He ate his daily 200kg can of spam. He had a bath in the toilet which had rotting poo that he used as body wash. He jumped on his stolen TT bike and biked to the event. The event was called the tour de hastings. He arrived he was very nervous. A voice came on the speaker “Get to the starting line” Hobble Fracis big chap wheeled his bike to the start line. He ate another 200 kg of spam and then he had to attach an ipad that showed apple maps they have put that on Hobble’s bike because he did not remember the track. He switched on his auto acceleration and braking. They put on 1.1 inch off road tyres. Meanwhile Francis Bob Hugeman is getting his 100 year old unicycle, Francis gets his water bottle that he bought from 1¢ store. Hobble sculls back his water from his old beer can.

On your marks! get set! Go! Hobble Fracis big chap starts moving but not very fast, Then he is 4th he pushes and he gets to third Francis Bob Huge man is in front. Hobble Fracis big chap overtakes Francis Bob Hugeman. Hobble eats another 200 kg of spam while Hobble is not looking Francis Bob Hugeman passes Hobble Fracis big chap. Hobble turns his auto acceleration to full speed. Hobble passes Francis it's a race to the finish but then Francis starts to fall to the back everyone passes him. Francis Bob Hugeman starts go really slow everyone overlaps him. Francis is now two laps till he finishes and Hobble is only one lap till he finishes. Hobble passes the finish line so does everyone else.

There is a big feast for the racers. Francis Bob Hugeman is still going. Everyone sits and waits for Francis to leave. They get bored so they leave. Francis is on the  final stretch it is 7.30pm, 180 minutes later at 10.29 pm and 59 seconds he crosses the line, Finishing at a time of about 9 and a half hours the other people there had finished but Hobble was sitting in the stands watching and supporting Francis in the race. They hop on there bikes and they go to KFC they eat five buckets of 1% free range chicken, Since Francis and Hobble do not they run off into Subway they eat a 18 foot long sub with Swiss cheese, Meatballs, Olives, Carrot, Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato and Jalapenos with thousand island sauce. Francis and Hobble get given there Subs, Sirens moan because the police a surrounding the front of the building, Francis and Hobble grab their subs and throw them in the bag, They run out back and they climb onto roof and they see their bike’s. Francis jumps off roof and land on his belly but he is not hurt, Its Hobbles turn to jump he jumps and does a 180 degree jump and lands on his belly he is not hurt like Francis, They both get onto there bikes and ride off.

Calendar art

My Calendar Art
My calendar art is a Lamborghini Aventador cruising down a road in the bush. The blue sky shines over the Lamborghini. The sun reflects off the Lamborghini's carbon fiber body. The bushes sit still as a brick. Buy a calendar for just $12.00 and if you buy the first 3 you get $3.00 discount. There are more items which you can get my art on it so come into Parkvale School. The art is by Aston Evans-Parkes

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ryan's Funeral Recount

This is my writing is a recount of Ryan's funeral

Journey to Fielding

We got on the bus and everyone was chatting about Ryan's funeral so that's where the journey started as we were on the bus the kapa haka boys were practicing Pokarekare ana. It was kind of boring on the bus but we dealt with it so we started to play I dare you, Soon when we stopped playing we arrived in Woodville we played on the playground and most of us stopped to go toilet. An hour later we arrived at the church in Feilding.
As We walked in everyone was teary with tissues in their hands, Wiping away the tears every 5 seconds.
Half way through people started to get emotional. Me and Nick and Jake were getting really sad through the service so Jake's mum and dad gave us tissues and hugs.
As the coffin was loaded into the car, Rimu sang a song called Pokarekare ana.
Some people couldn't even sing because they were crying too much.
Then a lady with a basket said take one lavender and place it on Ryan's coffin.

After that was finished we went inside and we got to eat some food that was set up on three tables. They were heaps of plates of food and there were plenty of drinks. Then we got back onto the bus, We sat in our seats and waited for Miss Hill to get on the bus.

We pulled out of Fielding and we started to drive to Woodville. We went past hundreds of wind farms that had windmills in them. We stopped at the same park that we did on the way there. Then it was home from there.

On the bus people started playing this game where they would call out someone’s name then they would have to do a weird face.

Our emotions

Aston: I felt sad at Ryan's funeral I could barely sing
George: I was also crying I was so so sad.
Nick: I was crying at Ryan's funeral and I was really sad, I want to go back in time.
Jake W: I was really sad because I never got to say a proper goodbye to him.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Mammoth in Mannathan

Mammoth in Manhattan

A man in Chernobyl was doing an a science experiment when it went wrong a big gigantic animal called a mammoth. The man immediately called the UMCA (Ukraine Mammoth Control Agency). The UMCA turn up in two Ford fiesta with chrome racks and snorkel and a light bar. Two of the people that came pulled out there tranquilizer guns and shot the mammoth right in the bottom. A big kenworth turns up with a flatbed trailer to place the mammoth on , a crane picks the mammoth up and places it on the flat bed. The truck drives out of Chernobyl and onto the highway heading for Port Пopt in Odessa Oblast.

7 hours later
The kenworth turns up at Port Пopt. The truck reverses onto MV CSCL Globe's container deck. Four high-security guards from USHS (United States High Security) guard the trailer. If anyone attacks they carry xm8 assault machine guns. A odd man walks on board he sneaks behind 5 containers until he gets to the truck, The truck driver is standing by the back-end of the truck the odd man stealthy crawls behind the truck driver and takes him out. The odd man drags the truck driver in a container
10.5 meters away from the truck the odd man takes off the truck drivers clothes and puts them on.

48 hours later
MV CSCL Globe turns up to Manhattan Cruise Terminal. The odd man jumps into the truck and starts the V8 engine. The truck pulls out of Manhattan Cruise Terminal and onto 12th avenue the mammoth was making the trailer sway side to side the mammoth fell out of the back of the trailer into Manhattan morning rush hour. The odd man driving the truck swerves and crashes into a barrier. The mammoth runs down the street the mammoth crushes all of the cars in its path.

A man goes to take a photo but he doesn’t capture it because the mammoth is galloping away. The MMCA (Manhattan Mammoth Control Agency) an agent comes and shoots the mammoth with another tranquilizer dart and the mammoth drops to the ground. Sadly they had to put the mammoth down at the local MCF (Mammoth Caring Facility).

Monday, August 28, 2017

Procrastination Gaming

Hi guys I am just going to show you some of the latest videos on Procrastination Gaming.
Me and Oscar over the last 2 weeks uploaded three videos

Doing Some Trucking

High Power Cargo Pack (DLC)

The Long Haul


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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back to the past - Part 1

Back to the past

Location: 55666 x 44456 y 77777 h or Planet Earth
Spacecraft: Upgraded ED (Enemy destroyer)
Date: 3045 October 12

Earth is abandoned a nuclear reactor blew up it sent radioactive atoms around the world everything was destroyed from the blast wave. Every extra terrestrial creature died.
ED 413 lands on earth's core three figures step out of ED 413. “Commander do you copy” Says one of the figures. “Yes Jimmy I do copy”says commander “James get my destroyer”says Jimmy “Ok sir”says James “Sean look after ED 413”says Jimmy. Jimmy and James walk around and they find a gigantic old building. “What is that light?” says Jimmy “I don’t know”says James “let's check it out”says Jimmy. Jimmy pulls out his axe that can cut anything It cuts titanium ,orbits and anything else. Jimmy’s axe slices through the door and the door lands on the ground with a big thump. “Where in” says James. They walk around and they find weird roundish orbit sitting in a table. Jimmy goes to grab it “Oh thats hot”says Jimmy. James pulls out his fire proof titanium gloves and picks up the orbit and places it in is bag. They walk out of the big building and back into the green black town.

20 minutes later
ED 413 is 20 minutes from landing on home planet ,Mars. A big asteroid hits the side of ED 413 the asteroid creates a big hole in the side of ED 413 It catches on fire and the ED 413 rolls and crashes on Mars. The three men get out and Jimmy grabs the strange orbit and the three men jump into this type of robot car and speed off. They park at a entrance to some sort of underground lab. They get out and open the big locked doors they run down the stairs and give scientist Sir Robert ganch the weird orbit. Robert says “This is an orbit that creates humans you have to find the right soil to plant it so it can create the humans” “Ok we will find the right soil to plant it Sir”Says James. The three men get in the scientists spacecraft ED 323 they fly to neptune.

“You will be landing at your destination In 2 minutes”says the computer. Thump!! ED 323 lands on neptune “Isn’t this the coldest planet in our solar system” Says Sean “Yes Sean It is but we will be fine”Says Jimmy. James steps out and plants the orbit in neptune's core “Nothing is happening Robert” Says Jimmy into the radio “Look for a little screen on the side of the orbit it should be green if it's the right soil if it's red it's the wrong soil”Says Robert. Sean looks on the little screen it is red. Sean gets back into ED 323 and they fly to Pluto.

48 minutes later
ED 323 lands on Pluto the smallest planet in our solar system. Now it is James is turn to plant the orbit the screen is red again. James walks back into ED 323 they fly to the sun and planet the orbit it turns green. A arm comes out and it starts dropping eggs. The three men wait and wait and wait the egg cracks a little bit and the three men a waiting for something to come out.

To be continued

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Maths Week 3

Maths Week 3
Hi today I am going to show you my video that me and Nick made about how to work out a division equation.
We used Show Me . You can download it on the App Store and Google Play Store.
Available on ios and android.

Thank you for watching