Thursday, February 26, 2015

week three : minecraft and me

It was perfectly normal holiday until the morning i woke up in the middle of the desert. At first i was bewildered i was in a minecraft situation. I looked around it was just plain sand and trees and they were made out of blocks .I stood up my skin was 
festive Steve i looked kind of weird in the the desert with this kind of skin . I started cutting tree's down i made some oak wood planks and made crafting table . Rrrrr i heard a noise just one tree behind me i pulled my sword out and ran up to the zombie and killed the zombie i started running . Finally i got to safety far away i saw and village ssss i saw a big black spider right behind me aahh i screamed .At last i got to the village it had villager they had there arms crossed they all ran inside . Boom boom i saw 5 creepers behind me i ran inside one of the house's it was shaped like castle  and made out of cobblestone .There was a chest on the first floor i looked in the chest it was cooked chicken . knock knock a zombie was trying to break the door down  i opened the door and the zombie came in i killed it state away . I went to the second floor there was a bed and a furnace when i went to sleep i woke up in the nether boom next minute i am dead .