Wednesday, April 29, 2015

reading task nelson lakes:term two week 1

On Wednesday Miss plimmer gave us a word find. Camo and me had a race who ever found the last word and stuck into there book they won I won because i started way before him . Then we took it to Mrs Morris and she marked it then we went away and did our other work.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

week:8:day 1 at camp

Miss Plimmer was driving to camp and I saw a line of boots on the fence. I knew we were nearly there. We counted up once we reached 10, there was the gate and the big sign that said Camp Omatua. I hopped out of Miss Plimmer's car and opened the gate. I had to watch out for the electric gate. I hopped into Miss Plimmer's car and we drove down the drive way then up the drive way. We waited for Mrs Love to get out of her car because Miss Plimmer said we had to sit down by Mrs Love's feet . Mrs Love said we were going to do a safety walk . Once that was done we got our big bags and waited out the front of our dorms. When Mrs Love opened our door we raced inside and got our sleeping bags out laid them on our beds and ran out side and stood straight with our arms folded so Miss Plimmer could check our room. We waited for our answer......

She said it was pretty good so we got out our drink bottles and put them on the big table in the middle of the courtyard. Mrs Love said we had to run back to our dorm and get our morning tea so we grabbed it  and sat  back down in the courtyard.  1 hour later Mrs Love told us our  next  instruction. We got a laminated piece of paper. We got into our activity teams. We had to make the meatballs first. The ingredients were: bread crumbs, pasta sauce, 1 egg,  mince, and onions. Then we made dessert. It was smores. They had marshmallows in the middle and biscuits on the top and the bottom. Our team went  down to the fire pit and made our fire. We had to get three different  kind of woods: Tinder, kindling and fuel. Once we did that we went back up and got a billy and we rubbed it with soap and then we sat back down in the court yard and waited for our next instruction.