Friday, May 8, 2015

menu term 2 week three


I am blogging this because I wanted to show the people that who weren't in my  group my writing . We were learning about using good words.  

hi my name is  chef Aston welcome to restaurant Deluxe   
restaurant delax   Google Search.pngrestaurant delax   Google Search.pngrestaurant delax   Google Search.png
starters: $500
prawn salad  with delicious  prawn sauce
chilli nuggets with with fresh drink of milk  it will help
chicken noodle soup the soup is juicy
seafood platter  it's got prawns , mussels ,oysters, clams,fish sticks   The prawns a juicy
mains: $1000
Barbecued  seasoned steak  with golden crispy fries  and a fresh  salad  
from  our garden  
fresh smoked salmon with fish and french bread
Dessert: $1000.000
A hot fondue with juicy fresh strawberries  with hot caramel chocolate  sweet fluffy  marshmallows
Cookies and cream  sundae   with  gooey strawberry  topping with  Dark chocolate flakes  
wine: red wine and sparkling champagne                  
soft drinks:coke ,fanta , sprite , ginger beer
beer: tui , heineken , guinness , drinks   Google Search.png

Cafe menu:
chocolate caramel fudge cake with fresh yogurtchocolate brownie melting   Google Search.png
hot melted brownies with  fresh fancy cream

cafe drinks :
latte , hot chocolate,  espresso ,short black , long black, , green tea , americano

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  1. I would buy that!

    Yummy menu - top effort, Aston!