Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The holidays term 3 week 1 monday

                              The holidays
Day 1
On the first week of the holidays on Monday me,Nan,Granddad and Tyler went to the the South island. On the way I was talking about the rock fall at the Manawatu gorge a rock hit my Nan's car and glass shattered all over me
rock hit car
.Granddad called the cops,fire men and ambulance he jumped out of the car and came around and pulled me out of the car. When I was out of the car I had a look at the huge dent on the car it was massive. when the police car got there granddad said"Can we put him in the police car" the police man said "yes" so I jumped in the police car . I started getting bored in the police car so I got out of the police car and I went over to the police man and said politely" can I turn on the radio in the car""yes you can"the police man said so I went back to the police car and jumped in then I turned on the radio. Wee,woo wee,woo finally the fire men turned up a women came to the police car and said"what happened"and I say" A rock fell off the hill and smacked into my nans car and glass shattered all over me"then she left to check on my nan,granddad and tyler.Then the tow truck came and picked up my nans car and took it to the crash house . The crash house we were sitting down when granddad raced in with a rental car it was a toyota highlander  we got all of our stuff out of the other car and drove off to the wellington ferry. Where on the ferry sailing to picton.