Monday, August 10, 2015

Art description week 3 and half of week 2 term 3

 wALT create and share quality blog posts
Rimu Success Criteria
  • Explain what it is about - the learning, why you’re blogging it
  • Details
  • Interesting start - talk to your audience (like Bella C)
  • Language of Success (spelling, punctuation, correct English)
  • Multimedia (videos, apps, photos, word art, audio, slides...)
  • Title, labels
  • Green on the tracking sheet
I'm blogging this because it was fun doing it.
were learning about drawing music notes.
This is my art.  I did it with Camo. It took a long time to do it but luckily we  finished it before anybody except for 8 people. Our background has light colors. The whole thing was light colors. We sprinkled some gold glitter over the music note . Our back background was yellow and we ripped orange and green paper for the background and then we drew the music. Then it went straight up on the wall.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Jamie curry week 2 term 3

I'm blogging this because its was fun learning about Jamie curry

I was learning to do a report organizer

Jamie Curry Reading Task

Task 1
Read through the two articles we have read so far. Make sure you have highlighted any key points of new learning.
Finish writing your notes onto the Report Organiser.
Take a picture of your report organiser and paste it below.

Task 2- Click on the star and write a fact about Jamie Curry inside.