Monday, November 16, 2015

RWC Task - Term 4 Week 5

I'm blogging this because It was fun learning about wales and making the tasks
I was learning about rugby

Rugby World Cup Independent Tasks- Choose at least 3

Task 6
Choose a player from your team. Find out all the information you can about them and present it in an interesting way. task 6
Some ideas: Biography, poster, video explanation

Task 7
Insert a World map into Google Drawing. Label and colour the countries competing in RWC 2015. Use one colour for each pool.
Task 8
Create a table showing the following information.
  • past RWC winners
  • past RWC host countries
  • past RWC years
  • past RWC captains of winning teams

Task 9
Create a mascot for your country. Make sure it represents your country in some way. Give it a catchy name. Insert a picture here with its name.

Task 10
Choose some data from this page and graph it in an appropriate graph. Make sure your information is correct and you give informative titles.

Task 11
Find out for EACH country and display in an interesting way
  • Team name
  • Captain
  • Population of country
  • Capital city
  • Famous landmark
  • A celebrity from this country that you have heard of before
  • A celebration in their country
  • An odd and interesting fact

Task 12
Create a song or chant to support and represent your country.

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  1. awesome work aston :)
    your doing awesome stuff like your RWC task