Thursday, March 31, 2016

Free choice learning task: Camp description 23/3/16

I'm blogging this because it was fun writing it.
I'm proud of this because I spent a long time on.

Purpose: to describe

WALT: create content with clear and interesting details

Success Criteria
  • Quick plan to prepare for the writing task (brainstorm words or ideas)
  • Interesting beginning and ending
  • Using the senses (see, touch, taste, hear, smell)
  • Stays on the topic (the part of camp you’re describing)

The Wire bridge

There were petrified people sobbing while we tiptoed  over the incredibly  high, scary bridge.  Kids were weeping and trying not to  get frightened. You could smell the muddy water from the murky and shallow river. Thankfully the  hard slippery wood helped keep  all the kids on the long bridge. All of the kids were almost across the bridge. We took a last breath, jogged across the bridge to the end. We made it to  the stairs and onto the bright green grass. The bridge was a terrifying  walk across.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Minecraft: Me vs my sister

On 19th of march 2016 me and my Little sister played minecraft it was build battle if you don't know what build battle is It is we the 2 or 4 players race each other by building stuff the time is 30 mins. Tyler built a big zombie it looked awesome I built a bell tower half of mine was not finished just the stairs weren't finished
And Tyler's  little house that the zombie had to crush and we were done so me and Tyler did a online build battle with random players I faced I person named  IM GOING TO GET YOU 23 He one he made was a random building I did not no what it was.My sister faced a person called MYSTERY109 my sister lost. Then we got bored facing all those people that we don't no but it was cool then we went out side and had a swim. I liked playing all those people .