Wednesday, May 25, 2016

learning post week 3

This is my workshop prove it. We have workshops after basic facts. This one was about measurement. It was cool learning. I figured out that cm weren't mm.

Workshop Prove It
I learnt…  how to use a ruler to measure

Here is an example:
The big gaps are cm because i thought that the mm were cm so that's why i went to the workshop

Learning blog post week 2

I'm blogging this because it was fun doing it.
I learnt measurement.

Maths task 
I had to estimate the first boxes and the other boxes were where the actual measurement went. If you don’t know what estimating is when you have a good guess.
I liked doing this task- it was easy.FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Learning blog post week 1

This task was about butterflies the story is called tag and release. I had fun doing the questions and finding all the answers.

Hippos - Term 2, Week 1

We are learning to ask questions about what we read. Start reading “Tag and Release” and formulate 4 questions using the question grid.

Success Criteria:
  • Include at least 4 questions
  • Questions will use the question grid or question cards
  • Read the article and find the answers for your questions.

How might they catch them? With a butterfly net
Why should they tag them?so  they know if they change color and where they stay in the winter
When would they tag them? Each morning in march
Who tags them? Allan & Grayson