Friday, July 8, 2016

Learning post 2016

This is the story of Matariki. I hope you like it.

Once there was seven sisters. They were making some kites. The smallest sister called make her own kite now so she weaved and weaved and she made a colorful kite. The other sisters made normal kites out of harakeke (flax). The oldest sister said "We better find somewhere to sleep." They found this oak tree and they all cuddled up under it . But when they dozed off to sleep the kites started to lift up from the ground. The little sister woke up and saw her kite flying away in the distance with the other kites. “Hey, my kite” said the little one “Hey our kites” said the oldest one.  The seven sisters went home and the the seven kites flew  into the night sky.  

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