Friday, September 9, 2016

Mrs Hinde's maths challenge

This is my maths task. We had to make three graphs and write each one a number story and some statements. 
unnamed (3).png
  • New Zealand was the least winning only 38 medals.
  • USA have won the most medal they have won 153 medals.
  • Australia almost won but they were 11 medals behind.
  • All the medals together are 1313 thousand medals
Number stories
1.The difference between New Zealand and Italy
2.The difference between USA and Australia
3.The difference between Japan and Italy
4.The difference between USA and England

unnamed (2).png
  • The difference between Monday and Thursday
  • The difference between Tuesday and Friday
  • The difference between Monday and wednesday
  • The difference between Thursday and Friday

On Thursday it was really hot it was 34 degrees.
On wednesday it was really cold it was 5 degrees
On friday it was not really hot it was only 12 degrees
On Monday it was hot it was 27 degrees

 Preview of your graph

Number stories
The difference between Rugby and netball
Rugby: 12-6=6
Netball: 13-7=6

The difference between Running and Hockey
Running: 11-0=11
Hockey: 9-2=7

The difference between Soccer and Rugby
Soccer 8-5=3

The difference between Netball and Running

-In Rugby the boys bet the girls by 6 the boys had 12
-In Netball the girls bet the boys by 6 the girls had 13
-In Running the girls won and the boys got 0 (zero)
-In Soccer the girls bet the boys by 3
Thank you for reading