Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cape Kidnappers / Special place HB

This is my special place HB. My special place is Cape Kidnappers I helped a kiwi up there my dads boss owns a farm out there we drove to where the kiwis were in a Range rover vogue 2013.

Purpose: to inform
WALT describe with clear and interesting details
Success Criteria
  • Quick plan to prepare for the writing task (brainstorm with words or ideas)
  • Interesting beginning and ending
  • Using the senses (see, touch, hear, smell)
  • Includes strong descriptive words (adjectives)
  • Uses the present tense

Examples: Bamboo Forest / Scene Description by Dylan / Scene Description by Sophia

Writing Task: Describing a special place in Hawke’s Bay

Cape Kidnappers
cape kidnappers.jpg
When I turn around I see the most magnificent scene. The white sea gulls glide through the air the big blue waves grow as they come into shore. The bare green mountains stay silent as the wind bashes into them the tall yellow grass sways a humongous boulder sits in the cold blue sea this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The big blue sky covers the hills. One slightly visible cloud sits silently in the air.


  1. Amazing description aston
    I like the detail
    I been to cape kidnaper 6 times how about
    Awesome work

  2. Your great use of personification and descriptive words made me feel like I was at Cape Kidnappers. Awesome work son 👍🏼