Thursday, April 13, 2017

LÃDOWÈ inc peach 1

LÃDOWÈ Peach 1
LÃDOWÈ inc peach 1.png
Buy this LÃDOWÈ Peach desktop 1 for $22,000. There are 3 sizes there is the 14 inch , 15 inch and the 16 inch. The Peach desktop 1 is Liquid proof so if you spill your coffee or water don’t worry because it's liquid proof. Also It comes with a bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth it self. This desktop is special because it's not just a desktop it's also a laptop you take the long stand off that's silver and the brown stand off then you pick up your bluetooth keyboard and it will automatically connect to the bottom of the desktop because it is magnetic and then you can take your laptop / desktop around. This is fitted with a tracking device if you lose it. There is many apps that you can download. These are the colours that you can have silver , black , white and midnight blue. It's made out of White platinum gold. The keyboard is made out of black diamond.
13 year warranty


  1. that sounds very intersting

  2. Very interesting i would buy it, how long did it take you too think of this idea?

  3. thats sounds so cool can i want to buy it

  4. Love the name of your company son, very unique. This laptop sounds like it has everything you would need on a laptop. Great invention son.