Friday, June 2, 2017

Super hiking boots - Design

This is my Super hiking boots design it is cool they are called super hiking boots but the special name is auto terrain response hiking boots. If you step through a puddle and it is deep don't worry it has comfortable water proof material. It has magnetic laces if you are in a hurry  and it has auto terrain response spikes the spikes come out when the terrain is muddy, rocky, sandy. Your feet will feel comfortable with our super soft comfort gel. If you bang into a rock or log it won't hurt because the super hiking boots have titanium heel caps and toe caps. There is a ultimate carbon fiber knife box or you can put something else little in there like you phone ( It won't fit a iPhone 7 - 7 plus and Samsung galaxy note 4 or any other phone bigger then 3.2 inches ). These special Auto terrain response boots cost: $2555 I know that you might think it not worth that much but its got comfortable water proof material and super soft comfort gel. These boots are made in Poland Warsaw  

1 comment:

  1. These boots sound like they have everything you would need when you go hiking. I like how specific you were with the details of the boots.