Friday, June 30, 2017

The Great Mexican Battle

Hello this is are story of where 2 cooking utensils and 1 vegetable. LET THE BATTLE'S BEGIN

The Great Mexican Battle
Chilli was walking around in citadel of messy kitchen when he heard a noise a big shadow appeared out of nowhere but the chilli was to far away to make out who it was . The chilli moved 1 meter forward but chilli could still not see who it was. “ Come out whoever you are and face your biggest fear” Said chilli in a heroic tone. The shadow came out of its hiding place chilli screamed it was Mr Grater , mr grater walked towards chilli , chilli ran towards the toaster he climbed up on top of it and got ready to fire his hot special chilli spray the spray hit Mr Grater right in his big bold eye’s. Mr Grater fell onto the wet cold bench crying in pain. Chilli walked off to the kingdom of rotting kitchen cupboard.

It was pitch black in the kingdom of rotting kitchen cupboard “It must be night time for kingdom of rotting kitchen cupboard” thought chilli. Then a voice came out of somewhere “Come fight me little tiny chilli”said the mysterious voice the lights flickered on. Chilli was blinded by the brightness of the light quickly chilli got his eye sight back he scans the room. Bad blender comes strolling around the corner of a big rotting box. “Come battle me”says chilli “let the battle begin”says bad blender chilli climbs up on the big rotting box bad blender jumps up and down trying to reach chilli, chilli balances on the box ready to spray his hot special chilli spray but chilli could not hold his balance. Chilli tumbled off the box and into blender's blade. Bad blender turned on the blade bits of chilli flew out of blender on to the floor of kingdom of rotting kitchen cupboard. Bad blender opened the big rotting door and jumped up onto the bench and into the sink. 2 minutes later blender did not feel well he spewed out chilli in the sink. Once bad blender got all of the spew out he left the Citadel of messy kitchen waiting for somebody to battle him next.

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