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Crackle went the speaker on the Bombardier c series "Hi this is your captain speaking we will be landing at Lankoko airport in 1 hour thank you". Beep beep beep " What is that," said the captain " I do not know sir"said the co-pilot then the plane went into a steep dive. "Captain captain what do we do"said the co-pilot "Try to pull up with your control wheel" said captain " OK sir " said the co-pilot. They both pulled there control wheels up but it did not work so they tried to flip the plane up side down to gain altitude " This is your captain speaking we having some major issues with the plane please buckle your seats and keep calm thank you" said the captain " captain we are going to hit the ground very soon!!"said co-pilot "1000 ft" said the planes computer "we are getting closer to the ground sir we have to do something"said co-pilot " I am going to try to land the plane on a nearby island" said captain "There is one up ahead"said co-pilot " OK I will try and land there" said captain. The captain pulled his control wheel down and the co-pilot pulled his control wheel down as well . The captain did not realise that the plane was going very fast . Crackle " This is you captain speaking please be calm we are going to land the plane on this nearby island thank you" said captain  " we coming in hot" said co-pilot " Brace brace brace!!!"said captain. BOOM the plane hit the ground and crashed into a big piece of drift wood. The co-pilot got up very slowly and limped out of the cockpit and into economy class every one was dead.

The co-pilot stepped out of the door and looked around he saw trees bushes a boar and insects.


My Favorite vehicles

Hi this blog post is going to be about my favorite vehicles

Mercedes sls amg 2016
Horsepower: 583
Cost: $200,000
Top speed: 317 kph (197 mph)
Engine type: V8 6.2 Litre

Bentley bentayga 2016
Horsepower: 600 (estimate)
Cost: $231,825 - $300,125
Top speed: 301 kph (187 mph)
Engine type: Twin turbo W12 6.0 litre

Bentley continental 2016
Horsepower: 560
Cost: $214,425
Top speed: 329 kph (205 mph)
Engine type: Twin turbo-charged W12 6.0 litre

Aston martin db11 2016

Horsepower: 600
Cost: 214,820
Top speed: 322 kph (200 mph)
Engine type: Twin-turbo V12 5.2 litre

Rolls royce wraith 2016
Horsepower: 624
Cost: $317,700
Top speed: 249 kph (155 mph)
Engine type: Twin turbo-charged V12 6.6 litre

Porsche 918 spyder 2016
Horsepower: 127 hp (front) - 154 hp (mid) Combined power rating : 887
Cost: $845,000
Top speed: 340 kph (210 mph)
Engine type: V8 4.6 litre + 2 electric motors on front and rear

Porsche Cayenne 2016 Turbo
Horsepower: 521
Cost: $51,000
Top speed: 241 kph (150 mph)
Engine type: V8 Twin-turbo 4.5 litre

Ferrari Laferrari 2016
Horsepower: 789 - E Motor - 161 hp Combined hp: 950
Cost: $1,416,362
Top speed: 349 kph (217 mph)
Engine type: V12 6.3 litre electric hybrid drive

Ford Hennessy Velociraptor 2016
Horsepower: 600
Cost: $22,500
Top speed: 177 kph (110 mph)
Engine type: V8 6.2 litre

Audi R8 V10 plus 
Horsepower: 610
Cost: $164,150 - $191,150
Top speed: 329 kph (205 mph)
Engine type: V10 5.5 litre twin-turbo

Corvette stingray 2017 Grand Sport

Horsepower: 460
Cost: $56,445 - $70,445
Top speed: 281 kph (175 mph)
Engine type: 16 valve V8
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Tec reviews / Ipad pro 9.7 inch review

Tec reviews has uploaded a new review on the Ipad pro 9.7 inch 256gb.

Youtube channel: Tec Reviews - Youtube Channel

Procrastination Gaming

                           Procrastination gaming 

Hi today I will be blogging about procrastination gaming 
I made a video on Euro truck simulator 2 on Oscar E's laptop
Recording app: Iris

Train crashes

Eschede derailment 

Operator: Deutsche Bahn

Number of Deaths: 101

Number of Passengers and crew: 287   



Wenzhou train collision                                      

Operator: China Railway High-Speed

Number of deaths: 40

Number of passengers and crew: 1,630

Survivors: 1,590


Tangiwai train disaster

Operator: New Zealand Railways Department

Number of passengers and crew: 285

Number of deaths: 151

Survivors: 134


  Hoboken Train Crash 

 Operator: NJ Transit   

Number of passengers and crew: 115   

Number of deaths: 1

Survivors: 114

Sukkur Rail Disaster

Operator: Pakistan Railways

Number of passengers and crew: 1007

Number of deaths:307


Image result for Sukkur Rail Disaster

Studenka Train crash

Operator: Czech Railways 

Number of passengers and crew: 145

Number of deaths: 3  

 Survivors: 17

Brühl train Disaster

Operator: UNKOWN

Number of passengers and crew: 158

Number of deaths: 9

Survivors: 149

2 train's crashed into each other

Nakameguro derailment

Operator: TRTA

Number of passengers and crew: 68

Number of deaths: 5

Survivors: 63

Related image

Benavidez Rail Disaster

Operator: Ferrocarriles Argentinos

Number of passengers and crew: 1,200

Number of deaths: 236

Survivors: 368

Matsukawa Derailment

Operator: Japanese National Railways

Number of passengers and crew: (Can not find the How much people died)

Number of deaths: 3

Survivors: (unkown)

Image result for Matsukawa derailment

Montparnasse derailment

Operator: Chemins de fer de I'Quest

Number of passengers and crew: 131

Number of deaths: 1 ( women on street)

Survivors: 6

Rakaia Rail Accident

Operator: New Zealand Railways Department

Number of Passengers and crew: 1500 ( Each trains)

Number of deaths: 4

Survivors: UNKOWN

Two trains crashed into each other.  The brakes did not work on one of train and the other one could not stop in time.

My Waka Writing

My Waka Writing

Waka Art.jpg

This is my waka art the big green koru represents me the small yellow koru’s  inside me are my family the little yellow koru at the start is my cat (Milo). The one behind that is my mum (Kiri) the one behind that is my dad (Dave) and the one behind that is my sister (Tyler).  The one behind my sister  is my grandfather (Ken) and the one behind my grandfather is my grandmother (Moana) and the koru that is behind my grandmother is there cat could (Misty). Lucky last  is my other grandmother my dad's mum (Phyllis). There are five symbols up the top those are the things that I like the very top one is the Audi symbol I like audi’s , audi is a car brand my favourite one in the car range is the 2016 audi r8 v10 plus. I have put the word NZ on my art because i like traveling in new zealand going for walks in the bush. Also i have put and ipad and iphone on my art because I like apple devices and technology  and the youtube symbol I like watching funny videos on youtube.

Reading / Cats task

This is my reading task it is about why you should not let your cats out 


Yesterday we got into our groups my group is called the star destroyers we went well. We had to draw each others holiday moments it was fun then we had two options we had to either sing a song about each others holiday moments or a rap then 3-4 people would hold the art and point at it. Our group was showing our collaborations well and even when we split up the rap group and the art group was still showing collaboration.


The start of the term has been good. When I got to school I got introduced to my new group it was called star destroyers. We had use our interdependence learning muscle we had to draw each others holiday moment then we had to make a song or a rap. I have got everything on the learning log and I am on task.

I am going good on my pride levels I am on jeti master. 

Maths rich task - Week 3

Maths Rich Task 

This is my maths rich task it was challenging and also fun. The challenging part was making 200 meters for the perimeter. I had to make a building with 8 right angles and we had  to draw as many unique buildings as possible. My first house was the biggest house. My second house was tall and thin. My third house was a square with a little box on it . My fourth house was shaped like a sun. My fifth house was a tiny box the perimeter was 8m and the area was 1m2.  My biggest area was 1800m2. My smallest was 1m2 . My most unique design was my sun.

Marae art

This is my marae art. The stars were meant to be made of tin foil but I could not find any.

Artefact-Survival Website

Hello this blog post is about my aftefact

My artefact is about survival and weapons and tools and rafts in the NZ bush

Here is a link to my website: Survival website

Photo's of what I created

Video of website

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The holidays

Day 1 - 08/07/17
What a great start to the holidays I went to Oscar Jackson birthday with Oscar Ellis and Zane Taylor-gee. We all went to laser force and flipout. We had two rounds at lazer force and one , 1 hour round at flipout. Then we went back to his house and played around. Then we took out the scooters and trikes and went down the road. I was going so fast because they live of hill and I had no breaks so I had to use my feet to stop me. When we got to the bottom Oscar E and I had to carry our trikes back up the hill. When we got back me and Oscar E washed our feet off because they were covered in mud. Then I played on Euro truck simulator on Oscar E's laptop.

Then we had pizza for dinner. Then Oscar E said should we play Spotlight tag outside before we roast marshmallow's on the fire. Oscar J was in first , Zane, Oscar E and I hid under the tramp against a stone wall. Oscar J did find us eventually but he forgot that it was spotlight tag so I ran away into the garden. Then after we played spotlight Rob brought out a big packet of marshmallow's and we cooked them on the fire. Then we went back inside and had showers and then I played Euro truck simulator again with Oscar J we each drove half-way to where our destination took guided us. Then we watched some air crash investigation while we played X-Plane 10. I bought a new plane It was called the Boeing 777-200ER. Then we watched some of Lego batman. When ever the movie froze we would play don't let the balloon touch the ground. Then we went to bed.

Day 2 - 09/07/17
We woke up at 7.00 . Oscar J and I played Euro truck simulator again while Zane and Oscar E played Forza Motorsport on Oscar J's Xbox 360. Then we watched the some more of the Lego batman movie but it was freezing alot so we went back on Oscar E's laptop and play War thunder. Then Rob put on the fire. Then Sally called us for breakfast . Then we got changed and played Hide 'n' seek tag. Zane was in first he trapped me in the basement behind a pool table. Then we watched the rest of the movie and sadly Oscar E had to go home. My dad texted me and said do you want to come to flipout I said yes . I was second and Zane was last to go home . We went to flipout with my cousins and aunty.

Day 3 - 10/07/17 
I woke up at 8.30 am I had Cheese on English muffin's with bake beans. After breakfast I brushed my teeth and got changed and then Tyler (My sister) and I played tag she gave up after 10 minutes. 1 hour later we had lunch and I watched some 7 days to die and Minecraft on my PlayStation 4. I also did some Extra Math because I want to move up a level. After that I had to go to swimming lessons.

Day 4 - 11/07/17
This morning I woke up and I had a omelet for breakfast then we went out to the skate park and the library in Havelock. Then we went to get lunch we had sushi and then we came back home. I went onto my PlayStation 4 and watched Friday the 13th (The game) and 7 days to die on Youtube. Then we did a science experiment it was called the dancing raisins. ( You can also use popcorn kernels ).

The reasons this happens is when the baking soda and the vinegar mix together and produces CO2 (Carbon dioxide) bubble's stick to the outside of the raisins. This will cause the raisins to be lest denser than water which causes them to rise to the top. Once they get to the top the CO2 bubbles pop which releases the CO2 to the air. The raisins then become denser without the bubbles and sink to the bottom. Once at the bottom more CO2 bubbles attach to the raisins and the process starts over again. This is why its called dancing raisins.

Then we had tea it was called Moroccan mince then Tyler and I played 7 days to die on my PlayStation 4.

When I first tried this it over flowed so I kept persevering and tried different ratios until I got the right result.

Here are the instructions

Step 1: Find a used glass or jar

Step 2: Pour water into the glass or jar to halfway

Step 3: Then fill up the rest half with white vinegar

Step 4: Drop a couple of raisins or popcorn kernels in

Step 5: Put a teaspoon of baking soda in

(Put a tray underneath encase it spills)

Watch the raisins dance

Here are some videos/photos of me doing the experiment



Day 5 - 12/07/17
This morning I woke up and I got changed and then I played on 7 days to die with my sister. Then we had to go to the doctors for my little baby brother Koda. Then after that we went to flipout and we saw my aunty there. I used my perseverance muscle by trying to climb up this big tall bit I nearly made it but I couldn't push myself up. I even worked out different strategies to get me up.

Day 6 - 13/07/17
It was freezing in the morning when I woke up I quickly got changed but that did not make me any warmer. I played on 7 days to die with my sister again as usual. Then I asked Oscar E if he would like to come over for a sleep over but he couldn't because he was stuck in Taupo because of snow & ice covering the roads. We did another experiment similar to dancing raisins but its called salt lava lamp (Scroll down the bottom to have a look at the photo(s) & Video(s) . Then for the rest of the day we just stayed at home chilled out. I am also looking forward to my aunty Kelly coming up from Wellington with her baby daughter Charley.

The reason this happens is when you pour the oil into the water it does not mix the oil is less denser then water. When you add the salt the salt make the oil denser that makes it sink then once the oil hits the bottom of the glass it will dissolve when the salt dissolves the oil floats back up to the surface. Also I cooked lunch it was mini pizza's.

Less denser meaning - Lighter than something
Denser meaning - heavy than something

Here are the instructions
Step 1: First fill up a glass halfway

Step 2: Then pour a little of oil in the glass

Step 3: Add some food coloring

Step 4: Sprinkle the salt into the glass

Step 5: Keep adding salt

Watch what happens

Here are some videos/photos of me doing the experiment



Day 7 - 14/07/17
I woke up in a exited mood because my aunty Kelly and her daughter Charley are coming up from wellington. Then I went on my PlayStation and played Just cause 3. Then I went to EB games and got a new game for my PlayStation 4.

Day 8 - 15/07/17
I woke up and my nanna was sitting on the table holding my brother Koda. My nanna was there to take mum to the hairdressers. I played on my new game. Then dad bought some McDonald's for us for breakfast. 2 hours later aunty Kelly and Charley came around and we played with Charley. Then we had fish & chips for tea. Then I played on my game again.

Day 9 - 16/07/17
I was in the morning because my aunty Kelly was leaving. Then I played on my new game then my nanna and granddad came over and they took me to the movies to watch Diary of a wimpy kid - The long haul. It was very funny. My favorite part was when a Spanish man pulled over in his tow truck and the family could not understand him but the little boy did. He learnt by when his mum put a disc in about how to speak Spanish he learnt the whole time it was on. Then we had subway for tea.

Day 10 - 17/07/17
Today I played on my game and I helped my mum and dad with somethings in the house like: Folding the washing , Packing away my mess and others.

Day 11 - 18/07/17
Yesterday I helped my mum around the house with chores. Because I am helping alot I am earning technology time and I am learning how to be independent.

Day 12 - 19/07/17
My highlight of the day was when my sister and I played are survival game. We crafted some stone axes with a medium sized stone and a stick and string we used resources from around my home and in the bush ( In the bush you would have to use flax or vines ). The bag was for all our crafted tools and for our food. The game was about trying to survive from zombies. Our hut was our home. This survival game extended my Project base learning. I used my collaboration learning muscle when my sister and I worked together well. Also I used my Interdependence muscle when my sister went and did her own thing than we regrouped with each other.


Day 15 21/07/17
Oscar E came to my house today and we made a Tec reviews video and a procrastination gaming video it was very fun. I played ETS 2 and Oscar played another game. We had pizza for tea and watched a movie. Then we played call of duty blackops 3 before we went to bed.

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The cargo plane

The cargo plane

On the 10th of November 2020 a cargo plane turned up at Heathrow airport. The cargo plane had a special load. Two secret agents from the SSA got a report that a big cargo plane full of special equipment. The two agent's scrambled into there Mercedes sls amg and drove off. 14 minutes later the two men jump out off there 900 horsepower Mercedes sls amg and ran to the electric gate. They saw a forklift heading for the electric gate that the agents had there hands on. The two secret agents hid behind a big crate. The forklift zoomed past. The two agents popped there heads out to make sure it was clear. The two agents ran over to the rear wheels of the plane next to the plane loading ramp. There is a guard standing 4 meters in front of them. One of the agents pulls out there silent heavy duty taser and the agent pushes the taser into the guards back and pulls the trigger. ZZZ!! Goes to sleep. The two agents move into the cargo plane. The two agents call for reinforcements but they told them to come in stealthy so they did not alert any other guards. The two men into the Mercedes g-wagon near them and they waited until they heard one of the reinforcement chiefs to say they were in there potions. "hello agent 1 are you there"said the reinforcement chief "yes"said agent 1 "move in"said agent 1 "OK"said the reinforcement chief. The reinforcements arrested all the guards outside then they stormed into the cockpit and they arrested the pilots. They all each got a gun the two agents got 2 Mercedes g-wagons each and they drove off into the distance.