Friday, July 28, 2017


Crackle went the speaker on the Bombardier c series "Hi this is your captain speaking we will be landing at Lankoko airport in 1 hour thank you". Beep beep beep " What is that," said the captain " I do not know sir"said the co-pilot then the plane went into a steep dive. "Captain captain what do we do"said the co-pilot "Try to pull up with your control wheel" said captain " OK sir " said the co-pilot. They both pulled there control wheels up but it did not work so they tried to flip the plane up side down to gain altitude " This is your captain speaking we having some major issues with the plane please buckle your seats and keep calm thank you" said the captain " captain we are going to hit the ground very soon!!"said co-pilot "1000 ft" said the planes computer "we are getting closer to the ground sir we have to do something"said co-pilot " I am going to try to land the plane on a nearby island" said captain "There is one up ahead"said co-pilot " OK I will try and land there" said captain. The captain pulled his control wheel down and the co-pilot pulled his control wheel down as well . The captain did not realise that the plane was going very fast . Crackle " This is you captain speaking please be calm we are going to land the plane on this nearby island thank you" said captain  " we coming in hot" said co-pilot " Brace brace brace!!!"said captain. BOOM the plane hit the ground and crashed into a big piece of drift wood. The co-pilot got up very slowly and limped out of the cockpit and into economy class every one was dead.

The co-pilot stepped out of the door and looked around he saw trees bushes a boar and insects.


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