Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Waka Writing

My Waka Writing

Waka Art.jpg

This is my waka art the big green koru represents me the small yellow koru’s  inside me are my family the little yellow koru at the start is my cat (Milo). The one behind that is my mum (Kiri) the one behind that is my dad (Dave) and the one behind that is my sister (Tyler).  The one behind my sister  is my grandfather (Ken) and the one behind my grandfather is my grandmother (Moana) and the koru that is behind my grandmother is there cat could (Misty). Lucky last  is my other grandmother my dad's mum (Phyllis). There are five symbols up the top those are the things that I like the very top one is the Audi symbol I like audi’s , audi is a car brand my favourite one in the car range is the 2016 audi r8 v10 plus. I have put the word NZ on my art because i like traveling in new zealand going for walks in the bush. Also i have put and ipad and iphone on my art because I like apple devices and technology  and the youtube symbol I like watching funny videos on youtube.

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