Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back to the past - Part 1

Back to the past

Location: 55666 x 44456 y 77777 h or Planet Earth
Spacecraft: Upgraded ED (Enemy destroyer)
Date: 3045 October 12

Earth is abandoned a nuclear reactor blew up it sent radioactive atoms around the world everything was destroyed from the blast wave. Every extra terrestrial creature died.
ED 413 lands on earth's core three figures step out of ED 413. “Commander do you copy” Says one of the figures. “Yes Jimmy I do copy”says commander “James get my destroyer”says Jimmy “Ok sir”says James “Sean look after ED 413”says Jimmy. Jimmy and James walk around and they find a gigantic old building. “What is that light?” says Jimmy “I don’t know”says James “let's check it out”says Jimmy. Jimmy pulls out his axe that can cut anything It cuts titanium ,orbits and anything else. Jimmy’s axe slices through the door and the door lands on the ground with a big thump. “Where in” says James. They walk around and they find weird roundish orbit sitting in a table. Jimmy goes to grab it “Oh thats hot”says Jimmy. James pulls out his fire proof titanium gloves and picks up the orbit and places it in is bag. They walk out of the big building and back into the green black town.

20 minutes later
ED 413 is 20 minutes from landing on home planet ,Mars. A big asteroid hits the side of ED 413 the asteroid creates a big hole in the side of ED 413 It catches on fire and the ED 413 rolls and crashes on Mars. The three men get out and Jimmy grabs the strange orbit and the three men jump into this type of robot car and speed off. They park at a entrance to some sort of underground lab. They get out and open the big locked doors they run down the stairs and give scientist Sir Robert ganch the weird orbit. Robert says “This is an orbit that creates humans you have to find the right soil to plant it so it can create the humans” “Ok we will find the right soil to plant it Sir”Says James. The three men get in the scientists spacecraft ED 323 they fly to neptune.

“You will be landing at your destination In 2 minutes”says the computer. Thump!! ED 323 lands on neptune “Isn’t this the coldest planet in our solar system” Says Sean “Yes Sean It is but we will be fine”Says Jimmy. James steps out and plants the orbit in neptune's core “Nothing is happening Robert” Says Jimmy into the radio “Look for a little screen on the side of the orbit it should be green if it's the right soil if it's red it's the wrong soil”Says Robert. Sean looks on the little screen it is red. Sean gets back into ED 323 and they fly to Pluto.

48 minutes later
ED 323 lands on Pluto the smallest planet in our solar system. Now it is James is turn to plant the orbit the screen is red again. James walks back into ED 323 they fly to the sun and planet the orbit it turns green. A arm comes out and it starts dropping eggs. The three men wait and wait and wait the egg cracks a little bit and the three men a waiting for something to come out.

To be continued

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  1. grate post.that is a grate story.I can't what till part two comes out.pluto is a dwarf planet not a planet.