Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Maths Reflection W1

This is my maths reflection we had to explain what strategies we used when we did the maths task

Name of problem: Holiday pocket money
Describe the problem: We had $60 and we had to try and work out the fractions.
These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem.
(add more bullet points for each step)

  1. 15+15=30
  2. 30+30=60
  3. 15-5=10
  4. 2+2=4
  5. 10-4=6
  6. 1x10=10
Describe how you used 2 learning muscles:

Making Links: I used my making links muscle by putting other people's ideas in my group and add them to my work

Managing distractions: I used this muscle when it was very noisy in the hub.

Photo of the task:

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