Friday, September 1, 2017

Mammoth in Mannathan

Mammoth in Manhattan

A man in Chernobyl was doing an a science experiment when it went wrong a big gigantic animal called a mammoth. The man immediately called the UMCA (Ukraine Mammoth Control Agency). The UMCA turn up in two Ford fiesta with chrome racks and snorkel and a light bar. Two of the people that came pulled out there tranquilizer guns and shot the mammoth right in the bottom. A big kenworth turns up with a flatbed trailer to place the mammoth on , a crane picks the mammoth up and places it on the flat bed. The truck drives out of Chernobyl and onto the highway heading for Port Пopt in Odessa Oblast.

7 hours later
The kenworth turns up at Port Пopt. The truck reverses onto MV CSCL Globe's container deck. Four high-security guards from USHS (United States High Security) guard the trailer. If anyone attacks they carry xm8 assault machine guns. A odd man walks on board he sneaks behind 5 containers until he gets to the truck, The truck driver is standing by the back-end of the truck the odd man stealthy crawls behind the truck driver and takes him out. The odd man drags the truck driver in a container
10.5 meters away from the truck the odd man takes off the truck drivers clothes and puts them on.

48 hours later
MV CSCL Globe turns up to Manhattan Cruise Terminal. The odd man jumps into the truck and starts the V8 engine. The truck pulls out of Manhattan Cruise Terminal and onto 12th avenue the mammoth was making the trailer sway side to side the mammoth fell out of the back of the trailer into Manhattan morning rush hour. The odd man driving the truck swerves and crashes into a barrier. The mammoth runs down the street the mammoth crushes all of the cars in its path.

A man goes to take a photo but he doesn’t capture it because the mammoth is galloping away. The MMCA (Manhattan Mammoth Control Agency) an agent comes and shoots the mammoth with another tranquilizer dart and the mammoth drops to the ground. Sadly they had to put the mammoth down at the local MCF (Mammoth Caring Facility).

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